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Hamar, Mursi & Karo

Hamar, Mursi & Karo


are located eastern part of the Lower Omo valley. They are subsistence agro-pastoralists with a total population of about over 35,000. They inhabit the savannahs lands interspersed with patches of dense bush. They are famous  for their market place ,body decorations and ornamentations and their bull jumping ceremonies together with Evangadi dance .


are occupied the land between the Omo and Mago rivers. The Mursi subsist on sorghum and maize cultivation and honey. Mursi young girl are Famous for there insertion of wooden and terra cotta discs into the ear lobes and there lower lip to make themselves beautify .Mursi warriors carve deep crescent incisions on their arms to represent each enemy they killed in battle


are a small group of people who live on the east banks of the Omo River . The main subsistence crops of the Karo are sorghum, maize and beans. The most striking thing about Karo people’s symbolic and ornamental expressions is the painted body and face decorations. This is an elaborate process, which ranges from fine and elaborate details to rough, but striking paintings traced with the palms or fingers. The most beautiful expression is in the facial and chest paintings that combine white (chalk), black (charcoal), yellow, ochre, and red earth. Many more tribes with colourful culture…
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