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Tour packages : Addis Ababa & Its Surrounding

Tour packages : Addis Ababa & Its Surrounding

EAT 100 Addis Ababa and Its Surrounding

The Capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa literally mean new flower was founded by Emperor Menelik II in 1887. It is the third highest capital city in the world situated at an average altitude of 2,400 meters above sea level. The city considered as a cultural reference of the whole Ethiopia for having almost all the people culture and way of living. It is the headquarter of Africa Union [AU] and the home of the United Nation Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).

EAT 101 Half day city tour of Addis Ababa

Including the greatest open air market in East Africa \Merkato/ in which you can buy every thing except human life, The National Museum exhibits cultural and archaeological relics, including the  Lucy the 3.2 year old hominid and the Ethnographic museum that display ethnographic items of different ethnic groups of the country.

EAT 102 Full day city tour of Addis Ababa

This tour program is the extension of the above half day city tour adding some historical Churches, traditional music and dance with Ethiopian coffee ceremony in the night.

EAT 103 Full day tour to Debre Zeyit[ Mountain of Olives ]

This town mostly know as Bishoftu by the locale people. It is 50 KM [One hour drive] from Addis Ababa. Debre Zeit is popular weekend resort for Addis Ababa residents. It is known by its surrounding ever green volcanic creator lakes and its bird life.

EAT 104 Full day tour to Nathareth/Sodere

When we drive 100KM South of Addis Ababa in the Rift Valley we can get the town of Nazareth. It is the third largest town in Ethiopia; with a population of more than 200,000.On the way to this town you will have short visit the creator lakes of Debre Zeit or Bishoftu and proceed driving to Nazareth. After 25 K ,drive from Nazareth or Adama you reach to the resort area of Sodere, known for its natural hot spring water and the two Olympic size swimming pools.

EAT 105 Full day tour to Tiya, Adadi Mariam and Melka Qunture

Drive 90 KM South West of Addis Ababa, you will Visit the mysterious engraved Stele of Tiya listed as world heritage site by UNESCO. On the way to Tiya you will visit the prehistoric archaeological site of  Melka Quntere which regarded as one of the most important Stone age sites of Ethiopia and the rock hewn church of Adadi Mariam built at the same time of rock hewn churches of Lalibela 12th c.

EAT 106 Full day tour to Debre Libanos Monastery and Blue Nile Gorge

Debre Lebanos monastery located 104 Km north of Adds Abba.The monastery is founded in the late 13th century by Abune Tekle Haimanot and later saint Tekle Haimanot. This monastery is famous for its miraculous spring and its glass painting of the church windows. Also you will visit the nearby 16th c Portuguese Bridge and proceed 122 Km drive to reach Blue Nile Gorge on the way appreciate the breathtaking sceneries and the Blue Nile Gorge.

Debre Lebanos monastery

EAT 107 Full day tour to Debre Birhan and Ankober

Debre Birhan, 130Km away from Addis,is another place of interest to visit in one day from Addis.This town was establish in the medieval period [ 15th c.]When the centre of power shifted from Axum and Lalibela further south .The founder of the town was Emperor Zere Yakobe, it is side, and there was a mysterious light that suddenly appeared in and around the comp of the emperor. The emperor decided to build a palace and church on the site of the great light and called the place Debre Birhan/place of light/.The palace was destroyed long ago, but the church stands this day.

At the far end of Debre Birhan a right turn drive to some 40Km to Ankober,it was serve as the Capital of the Shoa Kingdom during the reigns of King Sahle Silassie,Hailemelekot and the early years of Emperor Menelik II.Here you will visit the 19thc. Palace, the surrounding sceneries and endemic Gelada Baboons.


EAT 108 Full day tour to Menagesha Suba Forest

It is located 45 Km West of Addis Ababa On the way to Menagesha , you will visit Gefersa reservoir, a lake formed by a dam built on Gefersa river. This reservoir is the major water supplies of Addis Ababa and hosts number of visiting and indigenous birds. Then, proceed driving to Menagesha through indigenous Juniper forest and here you can make some hiking. Menagesha suba forest is the best place for hikers and weekends campers offering a wide variety of tree species, endemic wild animal and birds.

EAT109 Full day Tour to Ambo and Wonchi Creator Lake

Drive 55Km west of Addis Ababa to the historic town of Addis Alem literally New World. In early1900 Emperor Menelik II found Addis Ababa to be an impossible Capital and planed to move to Addis Alem, then built a strangely decorated palace but when the emperor advised to abandon his plan, in 1902 the palace transformed to Debre Tsion St.Mery church. Here you will visit the church and proceed driving to the town of Ambo and Wonchi Cretor Lake, visit  Guder river fall, hot volcanic spring in Ambo and landscape and creator lake in Wonchi.

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